Crochet African Flower Soccer Ball Free Pattern

Who can you think of to make this adorable Soccer Ball for? This would make a wonderful gift for that special person in your world and it’s perfect for indoor use!  We just found your next Crochet Project – happy hooking!

Round 1: color A , Round 2: color B, Round 3: color B, Round 4: color C, Round 5: color D

By using the same color for rounds 2 and 3, the petals of the flower are a more prominent design feature than they are if you change colors every round, but both are attractive.
Pentagons: To make a soccer ball, you will need 12 of these. Each side of the pentagon should be approximately 2.5″ long. To make the pentagon, I worked in one color. For the free pattern you can find the details here — Crochet African Soccer Ball Pattern
You can find details on assembling your soccer ball here —  Soccer Ball Pt 2